Printing plastic cards

Plastic cards are gradually replacing traditional paper cards in all fields, such as employee cards, student cards... even parking cards. The printing revolution has brought printed plastic cards to replace traditional cards, which are often made of paper and then laminated with plastic. However, paper cards have disadvantages in terms of durability due to water absorption and image display ability, limited product designs...

What is a plastic card?

The card is made from Polyvinylchloride (PVC), a thermoplastic with long life and low cost. PVC card printing solution can be used in many fields such as bank cards, employee cards, student cards or parking cards with suitable electronic chips.

Depending on the specific job, the card size can change, but the most popular today is a plastic card with dimensions of 86mm x 54mm x 0.76mm and is divided into 2 types of regular cards and premium cards (this is the type of card you can use). print everything from embossing, barcodes or anti-counterfeit 3D images...)

The best materials for making plastic cards today

Printing 3-layer PVC cards: includes 3 layers of plastic pressed together with a heat press; Printed with a digital inkjet printer, under standard conditions the color will be retained for up to 3 years. However, the card will smudge if exposed to water. The card includes 2 thin films used to print photos + 1 thick film used as the core.

Printing 4-layer PVC cards: includes 4 layers of plastic pressed together with a high-frequency press, industrial printing with absolute color fastness. Good water resistance. The card includes 2 layers of base for printing + 2 layers of protective film on the outside, often adding beautiful emulsion. Because of its many advantages, the cost of 4-layer plastic cards is often higher than that of 3-layer plastic cards.

Printing touch-sensitive plastic cards: 4-layer cards with Proximity or Mifare touch chips added. Application: Making time cards, door access cards, parking cards,...

Printing transparent plastic cards: The special feature of this card, as the name suggests, is that the card is transparent so it can be seen through, creating a different look for your card. Brings professional class with the shine of the outer protective film. However, the card can only print on one side.

Print double-sided plastic cards: double-sided plastic cards are cards that can print information on both sides, so they can contain more content. The applicability of this type of card is also higher than that of transparent plastic cards.


Process of printing plastic cards

  1. Receive requests, advise customers on designs, materials, sizes, and images suitable for the card.

  2. Choose material, normal thickness is from 0.25 to 1.25 mm.

  3. Design a print sample to preview both sides of the card for customers to see before proceeding with the printing process.

  4. Proceed with printing according to the model chosen by the customer.

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