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For an unexpected reason, the printing plan to support your business runs into time constraints. You cannot wait a few days for on-demand printing, but the price is not cheap. Bontina's fast printing service combined with door-to-door delivery will certainly be very useful to you.

Fast printing service in Bontina

If you need to print quickly and get it on the same day, this was impossible a few years ago and also impossible for small printing factories. But now you can rest assured.

About 2 years ago, I realized that the need to urgently print a number of products such as: quick printing of business cards, envelopes, vouchers, hang tags, brochures, folders... was increasing day by day, capturing your need for quick printing. customers, Bontina has invested heavily in machinery and equipment for digital printing.

Digital printing (digital printing) is a modern printing technology, with extremely fast printing speed and extremely accurate colors, but the cost of purchasing the machine is extremely expensive, so the printing cost is not cheap. If it is not too urgent, you should consider choosing offset printing to reduce costs.

In addition, to be able to print quickly during the day, we have also added more technical staff, as well as consultants, to speed up the speed of receiving print files from customers, so that we can keep up with the implementation schedule.

- Designing catalogs and menus according to needs

- Printing flyers, Calendars

- Manufacturing key-chains as requested 

- Printing envelopes...

For further details, please contact 0908 660 139 for support


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